FAQ:Project Name

Why is the Project Called Pacemaker?

First of all, the reason its not called the CRM is because of the abundance of terms that are commonly abbreviated to those three letters.

The Pacemaker name came from Kham, a good friend of mine, and was originally used by a Java GUI that I was prototyping in early 2007. Alas other commitments have prevented the GUI from progressing much and, when it came time to choose a name for this project, Lars suggested it was an even better fit for an independent CRM.

The idea stems from the analogy between the role of this software and that of the little device that keeps the human heart pumping. Pacemaker monitors the cluster and intervenes when necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the services it provides.

There were a number of other names (and acronyms) tossed around, but suffice to say Pacemaker was the best of the lot :-)

If you find "Pacemaker" too long to type, go with the abbreviation: 'pcmk'