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This is to serve as a go-to reference of notable posts at the associated mailing lists. It's intended to be kept semi-organized per topics (feel free to add new categories).

To Avoid

Using ocf:anything resource: orig, gmane

[IMPORTANT] Mimicking traffic loss at Corosync level through putting the interface down (e.g. ifdown), especially when using redundant rings:

Advice to Follow

how to deal with clones

  • "always set clone options on the clone, not the thing being cloned" orig, mail-archive
  • "you want to refer to the clone name in any constraints, rather than the primitive name" orig, mail-archive


Live-migratable resource cannot depend on a resource without that property if it needs to be applicable for the former, still orig, mail-archive

Corosync's token timeout can (by design) delay failover upon fencing orig + month-overflow, mail-archive


Location constraints with INFINITY score (contrary to -INFINITY-based intuition):

Colocation constraints with -INFINITY between a resource and the Promoted role vs. its promotion (contrary to INFINITY-based intuition?):

Daemon Specific Topics

Brief recap of the pacemaker daemons (see the upper part): orig, mail-archive

New daemon names, since pacemaker 2.0: orig, mail-archive


Node attributes setting Q&A: orig, mail-archive


Fence timeouts summary: orig, gmane

When does Pacemaker shoot other nodes in the head: orig, mail-archive

Resource Handling

Non-constraint start-up order factors: orig, mail-archive


Something that's is so low-level that's usually taken for no-go zone. But some enlightment is asked occasionally, regardless.

Configuration Magic

dc-deadtime (and startup-fencing): orig, mail-archive

crm_simulate Magic

Q&A with many insights: orig, mail-archive

Alerts Magic

Down to code references regarding various enumerated values etc.: orig, mail-archive

Funny Cellar

April Fools' Day 2016 -- recurring stop operation (Ken) orig, gmane,

Bob Dylan strikes back (Ulrich & Ken) orig, mail-archive

Suggested names for pacemaker successors if any (Ulrich) orig, mail-archive

April Fools' Day 2018 -- first ClusterLabs video karaoke contest (Ken) orig, mail-archive

User's date/time inputs to pacemaker to accommodate some made up units (Ulrich) orig, mail-archive