Project Ideas

Projects that are currently lacking volunteers, possibly suitable for internships, GSoC, etc.

resource agents

new LoadSharingIP agent

  • languages: POSIX shell/bash or negotiable
  • objective:
 to design and implement agent-like wrapper around
 recipe to setup cluster match based filter using
 Linux firewall; it is to be quantitatively better
 than what we have today in IPaddr2 agent
 when deployed as a clone (i.e., no IPv4-only limitation,
 flexibility on the firewall back-ends, more careful
 approach to resulting network traffic correctness
 -- properly mangled ARP packets, etc.;
 in extension, perhaps communicating with firewalld
 over DBus instead of triggering invocations to external
 iptables etc. commands where possible)
  • references to some details discussed in ML threads:
  • possibly helpful references (some already stated in ML threads)
  • note: a big emphasis on practical testing (~1/2 of the effort, ideally)
  • contact: poki (at or