Proposed Pacemaker Configuration Changes

These are proposed Pacemaker changes that are significant enough for a major or minor version bump (2.x or 3.0). They are subject to change and discussion, and could be rejected.

These are proposed Pacemaker changes that relate to build-time or run-time configuration.

Changes in default values for Configuration Information Base (CIB) options

  • pcmk_host_argument would default to "none" instead of "port" when a fence agent does not advertise support for either "plug" or "port" in its meta-data.
  • concurrent-fencing would default to true (and the option would be deprecated, since there is no reason to change the behavior)
  • fence-reaction cluster property default might change from "stop" to "panic"

CIB changes that will be transparently converted to new syntax

These changes should need no action by users in order for existing configurations to continue working, but new configurations will be allowed to use only the new syntax.

  • The deprecated and undocumented <lifetime> sub-element of constraints will be dropped, and its contents (rules) added directly to the constraint instead.
  • The current schema for <rule> elements allows a much broader syntax than is documented, with extraneous pieces simply ignored when not used. The schema will likely be tightened to allow only useful syntax. For example, the score and score-attribute attributes only have meaning in rules used with location constraints, but are allowed (and ignored) anywhere else a rule is allowed; they would be dropped where they do not apply and no longer allowed to be added there.
  • The deprecated and undocumented score attribute in <rsc_order> constraints would be converted to use the current "kind" attribute instead.
  • The deprecated and undocumented restart-type and role_after_failure resource meta-attributes would be dropped.
  • Clones configured with globally-unique set to true currently get a log warning when used with standards other than OCF (the only standard that supports unique clones); this would be dropped from old configurations and disallowed in new configurations.
  • Resource standards (such as "ocf") in the configuration are now always case-sensitive.

Other changes in configuration behavior

  • Support for pacemaker-native remote CIB management (the remote-tls-port and remote-clear-port CIB properties, used with the CIB_user, CIB_passwd, CIB_server, CIB_port, and CIB_encrypted environment variables) is now deprecated. A configuration warning will be printed. Users who want remote CIB management are recommended to use one of the separate projects available for that purpose.
  • The pacemaker-next schema is intended as a place to propose new configuration features. Support for the first-instance and then-instance properties of rsc_order constraints, and rsc-instance and with-rsc-instance properties of rsc_colocation constraints, would be removed from pacemaker-next.